Welcome to Boquete Bible Fellowship

SPECIAL NOTICE (updated March 23) 

Each Sunday morning we will be live streaming our full service in English, right here on our website, beginning promptly at 9:30am. Spanish audio of the sermon will also be uploaded to our site before the stream goes live each week.
To access the live stream, simply click “Live” under the “Media” tab above. Otherwise, click on “Sermons” or “BBF Podcasts” for recorded content.
This change is a result of the Coronavirus, and in submission to the governing authorities that God has placed over us for our good, we have suspended all in-person church meeting activities for the foreseeable future. Officials and experts from around the world have said not to gather in groups of more than ten, and we are choosing to see this as God’s revealed wisdom and sovereign leading.
As a church, we endeavor to respect, honor, submit to, and pray for our governing authorities, and we invite you to come alongside us to humbly do the same.
Please pray for the local, national, and global impact of the Coronavirus as we continue in profound dependence upon God during these unprecedented times.
In Christ,
Boquete Bible Fellowship is a group of conservative, evangelical Christians from many countries, cultures, and denominational backgrounds who love the Lord Jesus Christ and are committed to follow Him as the Head of our church.

We are very committed to studying and following the Bible, believing it as the Word of God.  We are also committed to love one another and to love all in our community. We desire to serve and care for our community as the Lord Jesus Christ Himself loves and cares for all He has made.

We are about worship on Sunday mornings; we also are about preaching and teaching the Word of God, primarily through studying books of the Bible.

We come together to declare the glory of the Lord and celebrate Jesus as our Savior. We study the Word, practice what we learn and in the process grow together. We desire to enjoy the Lord and enjoy His family as we worship and serve together.

Please come and visit us.  If you are coming into town from David, turn left at the Boquete Library, go across the bridge and Boquete Bible Fellowship is right in front of you.  There is a parking lot to the left of the garden area.
Spanish translation equipment available.