Leaders’ Decision-Discernment & Accountability Policy

Purpose: Our goal in decision-discerning is to remove ourselves from the equation, and hear only what God has for us. We are to set aside any personal experiences, expertise, judgments, opinions, desires, or motives, and allow God to be the literal Head of His Church. We desire this from everyone in the church, but leaders are held to a higher standard with respect to the discernments and accountability process.    

Our Vision: We believe that the Lord wants leaders at BBF to be discern-decisions, primarily by dialoguing. Dialoguing is not the only way, but we do require that as our leaders pray and listen to God, they write down what they believe He is saying. This provides a “paper-trail” that allows for accurate revisiting of what we think God said. We believe that if we come to any major decision and don’t have a dialogue to back it up, we have failed.   Of course, throughout this process, we expect that different leaders may hear different things from the Lord. If we are ever divided on an issue, each believing the Lord is communicating something different, we will submit to the following process. We will exchange with one another our written communication with God, and then dialogue with the Lord over the other’s communication. We will allow God to speak, and we will remain soft, moldable, teachable, and open to redirection.   If at any point we become stuck and/or reach an impasse, then we will bring in a trusted and mature spiritual leader to assist us, knowing that Satan will do everything in his power to separate us. We will commit to not allow such a thing to happen. Additionally, a block like this is not to be seen as failure, but rather the way we believe God will speak to and lead us.    

Our desire: We want to follow, trust and obey God wholeheartedly. We want to allow Him great freedom in the way He chooses to rule and reign over His Church, His Body.   Any time a member in our church feels like one of our leaders has missed what God wants, they are charged with the responsibility of attempting to listen to the Lord; then sharing this issue or concern with our leadership. Also, any time a member believes that one of our leaders has sinned against them, offended/hurt them, or led in an inappropriate way, they are charged with this same responsibility of talking to the Lord, then sharing that with the leadership, in-keeping with Matthew 18:15-17.   Our leaders will then take this to the Lord, with full expectation that God will speak to us and enable us to see what He desires. We pledge to be unusually open to hearing Him at times like this, even if the manner of approaching leadership seems to be somewhat flawed.   Something that must not be allowed in our church is the common strategy of the enemy that someone doesn’t “feel safe” and therefore could not address their offenses, hurts, and wounds. There are many ways to create “safe” places for fearful people and to be sensitive to any fears. Yet not feeling “safe” can never be a reason to sidestep our core commitments and beliefs. We know that Satan’s primary plan is always to divide and separate. To allow offense and hurt and pain to go unaddressed, opens us up to great vulnerability, and is not God’s will or plan for us.    

Accountability: While we expect the above from everyone within the church, we require this from our leaders. Church leaders that are truly sold out for Jesus tend have a bullseye on their back. What better way for Satan to attack a church than to attack and divide her leadership?   Therefore, our leaders are, even more so, charged with this sacred responsibility when they have any concerns like listed above. To not do this, opens us up to Satan’s sifting and allows his lies to simmer.   Prior to taking any leadership position, our leaders make a covenant with each other and with the Lord that we will deal with problems and wounds between us, and that we will submit to the Lord and to dialoguing with Him. We have also agreed to share these dialogues (or other written communication with God) with one another, pursue the Lord with each other’s dialogue, and ask Him to show us what He wishes for us to see and hear. Lastly, we pledge not to resign from leadership and/or leave BBF without first engaging in this process.   We believe that as we seek the Lord and attempt to gain His perspective, He will allow us to discern His thoughts, His words, and His will for us. We believe that He will never forsake us, nor will He forsake His role as our Good Shepherd. We believe that engaging in this process greatly humbles us and brings maximum glory to God.

Contact: Bryan Andrews, Pastor: bryan@boquetebiblefellowship.com    
And God placed all things under His feet and appointed Him to be head over everything for the church, – Ephesians  1:22    
And He is the Head of the body, the church; He is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything He might have the supremacy. – Colossians 1:18