Our Approach to Retreats/Conferences


Purpose: When it comes to retreats, conferences, seminars and the like, we believe the Lord wants us to give us a unique approach, as He does with most other things, and desires for us to follow certain guidelines. We believe He will lead us on each of these individually. This is one of many areas we believe He is requiring a Hebrew mindset in order to truly be successful and honor Him.

Our Vision: We believe that every one of these events should have a uniquely defined vision and “what” that is being accomplished. Our desire is to help discern these “whats” and ensure these are the priority of the conference. No assumptions can be made, and we must seek His vision each time. It is so easy to get distracted by the perceived inherent “good” in these events, and totally miss this focus. We desire to be a resource and to be very intentional in the way we do retreats, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Guidelines: Below are some of the guidelines the Lord has given us for our approach to these events at BBF:

  • We must work through “whats” and “hows” and seek His vision.
  • We cannot generalize for both men and women.
  • We should consider in-house talents and giftings before looking for outside help.
  • We are to be very open to cross-pollination (exposing the flock to leaders/teachers outside of the regular or expected ones).
  • People at the age of our congregation, especially men, are not open to or excited about an all-day event at church. Therefore:
  • We must consider extrinsic motivation, especially for men’s conferences.
  • Men only events seem to not meet the needs nor have the draw that an event open to the whole family does.
  • Women tend to like and/or are drawn to women-only events.
  • Catered meals need to be no more than $5 per person. More than this becomes a deterrent.

We believe that if we pursue the vision the Lord has given us while following the guidelines He has laid out for us, that He will be magnified, and events like these will yield long-term spiritual fruit. We expect these events to be relational, encouraging, and evangelistic. As we profoundly depend on the Lord and His leading and lean not on our own understanding, we anticipate that people will be ministered to, lives will be changed, and people will learn and receive things that have eternal value.

Are you thinking about organizing a retreat, conference, seminar or workshop? Talk to our elders and schedule a time to work through some of these things.

Bryan Andrews: bryan@boquetebiblefellowship.com

Bob Sylva: bob.s@boquetebiblefellowship.com