Missionary Support Policy 

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Overview: Boquete Bible Fellowship has been blessed to be in a unique place concerning outreach and missions. We are home to several different ministries, many led by missionaries, that persevere daily, and are vital to spreading the Gospel in our community and beyond. Each year, the Lord leads us to financially contribute to many of these ministries through one-time donations, or monthly missionary support. This policy is designed specifically for monthly missionary support.  

Our desire: As responsible shepherds, we believe it is necessary to provide protection and the ability to plan and budget to both the missionary and the church. As a result, requests for monthly missionary support are due no later than December 1 for the following year.   There are two criteria that will be used for consideration. Meeting these criteria does not guarantee support, it simply qualifies the missionary for discernment.   1.) The missionary must be a member of BBF – in submission and accountable to the governing leadership God has placed over them at BBF.      
In the event that the missionary is not local (i.e. foreign missions), the missionary must have the covering of (by being in submission and accountable to) a local church or organization that holds similar doctrinal/theological views as BBF (Hebrews 13:17, 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13).   2.) The missionary’s ministry must be in alignment with our outreach approach and philosophy.   Please see our Outreach Policy for more information about our approach and philosophy towards missions and outreach.  
Final decision discerning will fall upon the pastors and elders. The discerned decision will be communicated to the missionary on or by December 15.   To apply for monthly missionary support, click on the link below to access our Missionary Support Policy. Please thoroughly complete the application and submit it to bryan@boquetebiblefellowship.com and bob.s@boquetebiblefellowship.com and one of our elders will get back with you.   A link to the application can be found on the website.

Missionary Support Request Form

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